Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BEST Asparagus

I finally discovered the BEST way to keep asparagus fresh.  Actually I think I read it somewhere, but I can't find it in my google reader (I searched!) or in the magazines I read last week (without rereading the whole thing...)  Anyway, I FINALLY learned it.
Normally, I buy asparagus because we all (except Andy) really like it.  Then I decide to make it wait a few days and it's yucky and I throw it away.  What a waste!  Friday I bought two bunches of asparagus and put them in my pantry cupboard and later that night I read that the best way to store them to keep them fresh so the ends don't fall apart and they taste good is this:
 If you put it in a cup with water and cover loosely with plastic, it stays fresh.  We ate one bunch Monday night and one on Wednesday and they were still in excellent shape!  I just used a wide cup and filled it with water and then used a fold down sandwich bag to cover it.  I didn't have to refill the water or anything.  I just scooted it back behind the milk.
Here is how I cook asparagus.  It's super easy and delicious.  (I actually learned this from my father in law a year or two ago.)  First you obviously wash it and then cut or snap off the rough ends.
Then I put it in my glass pie plate because it's just the right size for them to lay down in.
 I put about half a cup of water in so the asparagus is mostly steamed and not covered all the way.  Then I shake on the salt and pepper.  A lot of the salt and pepper stays in the bottom of the dish at the end, but it's just enough to season it well.  Here's what it looks like before cooking.
 I put it in the microwave (covered with plastic wrap) for FIVE MINUTES on high and then it's perfect!
 Beautifully steamed and delicious.  ALL of my kids like asparagus just as much as I do.  I hardly ever have leftovers.

I started a little celery plant with the end of the celery in a mug next to my sink.  See the middle there? It's already starting to sprout up a little.  Super exciting!
I'm loving fresh produce right now and can hardly wait until I get to plant my garden (very soon!)

Also, I'm working on losing some weight this year, so I hope to post some healthy recipes and little tips.  I'm walking way more than ever and counting calories and fat and avoiding sugar and junk and all that.  I'm on My Fitness Pal and would love more friends.  My user name is NaDellR.  Any great weight loss tips???

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Trish said...

We love asparagus too! I always steam it on the stove, but that sounds like a lot quicker and easier cooking method. I will have to try it. I'm using my fitness pal too, but I didn't know you could have 'followers' or whatever, I will have to look into that.