Monday, February 11, 2013

Egg, Pepper, and Cheese Omelet

This is one of my favorite things to eat for either breakfast or lunch (and sometimes dinner if it's leftover night and my family eats all of them or if I've eaten too many calories during the day.)  
I break TWO large eggs directly into a nonstick pan and then use a little fork to scramble them up.  Then I toss in some sweet pepper strips (about a cup of them) and keep the temperature on medium heat.  Also add a little salt and pepper at this point.  
These are the sweet peppers I use.  They are about $2 for a bag and the bag lasts for at least three omelets and I don't have to buy each pepper individually when they are out of season or cut them up.
I use a large spatula to flip my omelet because I don't like any runniness in my omelet. Wait to flip until the edges are all set which usually takes between five and eight minutes.
 When you flip it, the cooked side looks like this.  The second side only takes a minute or two to cook, so don't leave it!
I add a quarter cup of shredded cheddar cheese and fold it in half.  Doesn't that look delicious?  
It's so tasty and good for me with just 283 calories!

2 Large Eggs 140 calories
1 cup C&W Pepper Strips 33 calories
1/4 cup Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese 110 calories
Let me know if you try this or if there's something you like to add to omelets that maybe I haven't thought of.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Has it really been since last June that I posted?!  How can that be?  
Since then I've managed to lose a decent amount of weight, so maybe it was all the treats I made (and ate) to post on this little blog (that and having little to no control!)  If you need a place to start losing weight, I fully recommend My Fitness Pal.  Be my friend on there if you want to.
Back to the recipe.  A friend of mine from church who has nine children (six the regular way and three adopted from China as almost teenagers) showed us how to make these noodles for chicken noodle soup one night at a meeting.  I tried it out a week or two ago, but didn't take pictures.  Today was my oldest daughter's tenth birthday and she requested this for her birthday dinner (told you it was good!) and asked if she could help me make it.  Um, yes you can help make your own dinner on your own day!
Doesn't the finished product look delicious?  Yummy chicken, carrots, and noodles.
I started out with three chicken breasts cut into cubes.
 My daughter helped them cook up in my nonstick soup pan.  She's an awesome helper!
 Elizabeth cutting the carrots with a crinkle cutter.  They were bigger than the ones I normally cut, but they were great and no one chopped off any fingers.
 I threw a handful of white onions in with the chicken so they'd disappear in the soup, but flavor it nicely.
 I put in pepper and a tiny bit of salt and then a lot more pepper.
Before Elizabeth tossed the carrots in the soup, we added two cans of Swanson Fat Free Chicken Broth.  Then we refilled those two cans with hot water and added three chicken bouillon cubes.
We let the carrots cook while we made the pasta.
The pasta dough my friend made just on a cutting board and she said it's easier for her to do it that way instead of using a bowl.  I think next time I'll use a bowl, although it worked well for me last time to just do it this way.  It wasn't easy for Elizabeth and she didn't like getting her hands so messy either.
Ingredients for the homemade pasta dough:
1 cup Flour
1 beaten Egg
1/2 teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Milk
Mix these ingredients together until you have a ball of dough.  It will take several minutes (or maybe less if you are awesome! Let me know!)

I started rolling the dough out and Elizabeth quickly took over.  She liked this job.
I made sure it was all thin enough.  You want your pasta rolled thin or it won't cook all the way in the middle.  It does take some muscle to get it thin, but just keep flipping the dough and rolling more until it is spread out a lot.
Elizabeth used my special rolling wavy cutter for the noodles, but a pizza cutter would work just as good or even a sharp knife like my friend uses.  She just stacks the noodles up and cuts them.  We like fancy looking noodles here though because we have a fun tool to use. (Thanks, MOM!)  I know it looks like she's going to chop off her fingers, but I promise that NO blood was shed making this dinner.  It's all the angle.
 Nice little rows of wavy lines of pasta.
We sliced the pasta shorter so they'd cook better, but you could make any kind of noodles you like.
Toss the pasta in the extra flour and make sure they are separated so they'll cook.
Making the noodles looks like it takes a long time and it's hard, but it really isn't.  Give it a try!
Elizabeth was my hand model to drop the noodles in the soup.
Here's what it looked like right after the pasta went in and before it was cooked.  It floats to the top when it's done.
Cook for ten minutes or until noodles are soft and floating.
The flour in the pasta makes the broth whiter and I added 1/4 cup of milk at the end to make it creamy as well.
End product is so good and worth the hour or so of time.
We saved some soup for my mother in law who came over to take Elizabeth birthday shopping and she thought it was great too!
Let me know if you try it and what you add to it.  
Last time I added some finely chopped celery with the onions, but I was out of it today.