Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ranch Egg Salad Sandwich

I started making these sandwiches at lunchtime. They fill me up and are good for me. 

 I don't like mayonnaise or salad dressing much (anymore-Andy doesn't like them and I just stopped buying them when we got married and did without), so I use ranch dressing instead. I love ranch (and yes, I know that ranch has most of the same ingredients as mayo and salad dressing.)

Here's the finished product.  
Egg Salad on whole wheat toasted bread with a Kraft Singles American Cheese and carrots.
Start with a boiled egg.  I usually use large eggs, but this one was a medium and was plenty for my sandwich.
After peeling (obviously), I just use a fork to make it into crumbles.  I'm sure I could buy a fancy egg dicer tool, but I'd rather just stick with the fork I already have.
See?  Beautiful egg crumbles.
I add about a Tablespoon of Ranch dressing and some ground black pepper (salt isn't needed for me) and then stir it up.
Toast the bread, add some cheese, and then spread the egg salad on top before topping with the second piece of cheese.
You have to cut it diagonally, right?  My almost eight year old can make this herself.
Easy, filling, and good-for-you lunch. 
I think it'd be great with a slice of tomato, lettuce, bacon, or turkey on top too.  
Maybe all of them, like a fancy BLT.