Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Microwave Sweet Potato (or Yam)

This is one of my favorite lunches these days.  I was buying sweet potatoes, but they are currently more expensive than yams in the stores I go to, so I bought a few yams to try.  Just as good to me and good for me!
I like to microwave it while I eat a salad or get lunch ready for my two who are at home at lunchtime.
Start with a sweet potato (or yam).  Wash it (I eat the skin....yummy!)

Cut off the ends and cut it in half.  Wrap each half in a paper towel. 

Put it in a really cool microwave potato bag (that I make and sell for just $6).  I heat up tortillas in it to make enchiladas too.)

Close up the potato bag that is made of 100% cotton and it wicks away the moisture so you have a perfectly cooked potato.  Put it in the microwave for five minutes on high.  I usually check to see if it's soft then or let it sit in the microwave for another five to ten minutes resting while it finishes cooking (or cook it for two more minutes).  One other cool thing about these bags is that they keep the food in them hot, so if the kids spill some water or someone calls, I can just let it sit and it will still be great 15 minutes later.

I just slice each half in half again, add a little bit of margarine and salt and pepper and eat it.  

Sometimes I don't even use a fork.  I just tear the halves apart and eat it like a taco.  
As a bonus, they are less than 250 calories, WITH margarine and they fill me up.

What do you eat for a quick lunch? 

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